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‘Passivhaus’ is a low energy construction standard. A Passivhaus building requires very little energy for heating or cooling, whilst providing a high level of comfort for the occupants.

Attention to detail, rigorous design and construction and an exacting certification process ensure that what is designed is built, and what is built performs as it was designed. This is achieved primarily through a fabric first approach, meaning high levels of thermal insulation, high levels of airtightness and the use of whole house Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR).

The thermal insulation requirements of Passivhaus demand that roof, wall and floor U values are equal to or less than 0.15 W/m2.K. Potton uses only the high performance building systems (Kingspan ULTIMA™) and Insulation products (Kingspan Kooltherm) which offers the thinnest commonly available insulation to achieve this building philosophy.


As part of the Kingspan Group of companies, Potton is ideally placed to understand the requirements of Passivhaus and how best to deliver this building philosphy.

Kingspan Insulation is also one of the founding members of the Passivhaus Trust. 

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We are building a Passivhaus show home on our existing Show Centre site in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. To be kept up to date on the development of this show home and be invited to exclusive events please register for our newsletter - click here.

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Find out more about the build of our new Passivhaus here.


Visit the Show Homes page - click here


If you are considering building a ‘Passivhaus’ home, and would like an initial project review,Click here to forward your project details. 

More information on Passivhaus can be found by visiting:

Download the Passivhaus Brochure - click here


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We would like to inform our customers that we are adding the

Voyage Maison collection

to our range &

Blanco Germany - Stylish Kitchen sinks

The precious stone in the kitchen, SILGRANIT® PuraDur® II is a new coloured sink material developed and produced by BLANCO Germany, with seven patents ensuring and protecting its unique qualities. It has a tactile, silky-smooth surface that looks like natural stone, and its easy-care qualities and durability are unsurpassed. Choose from a wide range of styles and ten colours including the new Tartufo earth shade.

These stylish new extractor hoods, made in Europe in a state-of-the-art factory, combine high performance and low noise emissions with optimum energy efficiency and surprisingly affordable prices. There is a wide choice of hood styles in premium quality stainless steel, sometimes in combination with glass.

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Small spaces are upon us everywhere we look. Students, professionals and even families are all living the life of small square footage, and there are some design challenges that come along with the sacrifice of space. People have been cramming into studios in the 500 square foot mark and below, with many left wondering, how am I supposed to design my space?


Colour and functional furniture pieces, are great starters just to name a few. Smaller scaled pieces are great for rooms that are lacking floor space, and large pieces of art will help the room to look larger. If there’s an opportunity to get things elevated up off of the floor, that’s always a great option. You’ll see in our examples below just what works in a tiny studio apartment design, and decide for yourself what’s best in your own home.


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